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Professional Assistance of Broward, Florida has helped prepare thousands of simple wills over the past 20 years. A simple will can be used if your estate is under $600,000 and you wish to divide up your property simply. If you wish to put complicated terms in the will then an attorney should be sought.

What a Will Can Do

  1. A will decides distribution of assets after you die. A will can specify allocation of real property as well as personal items.
  2. A will allows you to decide who will be the Personal Representative of your estate. Formerly called Executors, a Personal Representative gathers all your assets and distributes them to the beneficiaries as outlined in the will.
  3. A will allows you to specify a guardian for your minor children and their money in the event of your death. Outlining this beforehand ensures that the persons you find suitable for you children are their guardians. A separate guardian can be appointed for the children's money.
  4. A trust can be setup to avoid distributing of property immediately (money is held until child reaches 21 or older). A trust will also protect assets from probate.

What If You Have No Will?

If you have no will in Florida, then your property shall be distributed as follows:
  1. If you leave a spouse and no children, after your death your spouse gets your entire estate.
  2. If you leave a spouse and lineal descendants, then the surviving spouse is entitled to the first $60,000 of the probate estate and one-half of the rest of the probate estate. The lineal descendants will share the remaining half of the probate estate.
  3. If you leave a spouse and at least one child who is not your spouse's child, then your spouse gets half of your estate and all of your children get equal shares of the other half.
  4. If you don't have a spouse, all of your children will get equal shares of your estate.
  5. If you leave no spouse and no children, then your estate will first go to your parents. If there are no parents, your estate will go to your brothers and sisters, or if dead, their children. If there are no parents, no brother and sisters, no nieces or nephews, your estate will go to your Grandparents and then to your uncles and aunts of their descendants and then to the relatives of your deceased spouse.
Let Professional Assistance help prepare and execute your simple will. Notary Public on premises. Living wills are also available.
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