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Filing for Divorce in Florida

Many years ago getting divorced meant you just had to hire a lawyer, there was no easy way to divorce--BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGED. It is now estimated that, in Florida, more than 70% of divorce proceedings, one of the two divorcing spouses is self-represented through a petition for divorce prepared through legal documents assistance, such as, Professional Assistance Paralegal Service. Florida divorce forms have become increasingly accessible by Courts for people to divorce without an attorney in a response to accommodate the flood of "do it yourself divorces" in which people are representing themselves.

Florida is a "no-fault" divorce state. To divorce uncontested in a "no-fault" divorce state, a decree of divorce, contrary to some states, does not require a legal blame or reason for the divorce. Merely stating to the Florida court via divorce court forms that you and your spouse have "irreconcilable differences" or have suffered an "irreconcilable breakdown" of your relationship awards reason for a "Dissolution of Marriage" through a petition for divorce. A divorce petition form completed by Professional Assistance can take four to six weeks to finalize and dissolve rendering a new beginning for many people.

Florida Divorce Forms, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

Filing for a divorce in Florida and looking for an easy way to divorce? Professional Assistance Paralegal Services is equipped with court appointed legal documents necessary to file pro se divorce papers for an uncontested divorce with or without children and property. For parties who are getting divorced and want to complete a do it yourself divorce petition form on their own can do so by purchasing the Florida divorce forms from room 248 of the Central Courthouse located in Fort Lauderdale. Divorce court forms are also available online.

How to get Divorced without an Attorney/Lawyer

For the past 20 years, Professional Assistance Paralegal Services has provided thousands with legal documents and couples filing for divorce in Florida with decree of divorce. Getting divorced can be expensive and preparing a petition for divorce can be time-consuming, however, filing for an uncontested divorce with Pro se divorce papers prepared by Professional Assistance Paralegal Services, can make things easier, smoother, less frightening and less costly. An uncontested divorce petition form would require both parties to be agreeable to the terms of the divorce and willing to sign for the decree of divorce. Every divorce is granted by a judge and; therefore, handled through some kind of court proceeding, even if both parties have agreed to property division, custody, visitation and support issues. The Broward County Court System, however, requires one of the divorcing parties to have resided in Broward County, Florida for a minimum of six months. Professional Assistance Paralegal Services helps refer divorces requiring legal advice, representation, contested divorces and annulments to an attorney.

Simple Divorce, Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

A simple decree of divorce forms does not require the assistance of an attorney. Pro se divorce papers are do it yourself divorces in which a simple divorce is prepared for couples with no children, no property and whom are willing to file together. Not only is this type of divorce an easy way when filing for a divorce in Florida, it is the cheapest way to get divorced. With our many years of expertise filing for divorce in Florida and divorce court forms, it is speedily granted by a Broward County Judge.

Divorce with kids

Filling out forms for a divorce with kids is similar to simple divorce forms and does not necessarily require the assistance of an attorney if the petition for dissolution of marriage is uncontested. In matters of minor children, Florida State requires the parties to participate in a parenting seminar. This seminar can be completed online at www.puttingkidsfirst.org. The "Certificate of Completion" is forwarded to the court prior to the final hearing. To help couples determine appropriate support payments in a divorce with kids, Florida State offers a child support guideline. This guideline uses each parties income and expenses to calculate appropriate child support payments.

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

To divorce uncontested would mean that both parties involved in the divorce petition form are working together to agree to the terms of dividing their property, debt and custody of their children. Similarly, pro se divorce papers for an Uncontested divorce in Florida does not require the assistance of an expensive attorney. Professional Assistance's do it yourself divorces are an easy way to divorce with speed and affordability. In a non contested divorce there is no formal trial and only the "Petitioner" may be required to appear in court. To divorce uncontested, a "Marital Settlement Agreement" is prepared between the spouses, detailing their agreement to the division of the property, debts, custody and support arrangements, if any. This agreement helps to speed up the process of the "Final Dissolution of Marriage".

Contested Divorce in Florida

Couples who after seeking the assistance of Professional Assistance's affordable divorce counseling mediation service are not able to resolve custody and or property issues are referred to an attorney for representation.

Default Divorce

A default divorce is another form of a non contested Divorce and is granted to the "Petitioner" regardless of the "Respondent's" participation in the court proceedings. This type of divorce is set forth for spouses in which one spouse (Petitioner) files for divorce and the other spouse (Respondent) does not respond. Unknown addresses for "Respondents" also permit "Petitioners" to avail a default divorce. The divorce, however, requires a "publication", an ad, to be placed, on behalf of the "Petitioner", in a local newspaper,to suggest a genuine effort was made to search and notify the missing spouse of divorce proceedings. And, after a designated time frame and upon no response from the "Respondent", the Judge continues with the "Final Dissolution of Marriage" proceedings. The default divorce does, however, incur the "Petitioner" an extra cost to be paid to the publication company publishing the ad for the spousal search.

Divorce Counseling Mediation

As a contested divorce is much more costly than an uncontested divorce in Florida, it is no surprise that mediation is advantageous in helping divorcing couples to come upon an agreement in dividing their property, their debts, custody of their children, and whether support arrangements will change hands. A divorce counseling mediation has an extremely high success rate.

A Mediator, which is a neutral third person who informally sits down with the divorcing couple to help them reach an agreement on all the issues in their divorce and results show that the majority of cases before a mediator are settled. As opposed to an attorney who makes the decisions on behalf of the divorcing couple, mediation keeps the divorcing couple in control over when and how often to meet and how much help to get. It keeps them in control of their divorce, making decisions on matters they know more about; such as, their children and their finances. In mediation couples can communicate directly with their spouses instead of through third parties. The mediator is trained to help couples communicate effectively, focusing on the present, the future and not so much on the past. A neutral setting allows the couples to share their concerns, beliefs, and desires setting a stage for listening and maybe even being understood, easing misunderstandings.


  1. Filing for divorce and looking for an easy way to divorce? Setup a free consultation with Professional Assistance Paralegal Services, a legal documents assistance service at 954-922-1816. Professional Assistance offers a free home visit and evening and weekend appointments.
  2. In filling out forms for a non contested Divorce, the party initiating the divorce documents will be called the "Petitioner" and will be required to furnish the document preparer with documents to support I.D., date of marriage, place of marriage, address, spouse's address, and children's names
  3. If you took your spouses' last name when you married and now want to change back to your maiden name, this will be the time to address it. Changing to your maiden name after the Dissolution of Marriage is awarded, requires a separate procedure and an additional court filing fee.
  4. If minor children are involved, Florida State requires the parties to participate in a parenting seminar. This seminar can be completed online at www.puttingkidsfirst.org. Upon ascertaining "The Certificate of Completion", Professional Assistance Paralegal Services will forward it to the appropriate court prior to the final hearing.
  5. After Professional Assistance Paralegal Service prepares the petition for "Dissolution of Marriage", both parties will be required to sign, witness and have documents notarized. A Notary Public is available.
  6. Professional Assistance will file the signed petition to the appropriate courthouse along with court filing fees. The Broward County Courthouse requires a filing fee of $409 in the form of a "money order", payable to the Clerk of Court. Personal checks are not acceptable.
  7. If the "Respondent's" address is unknown, the court will be notified and publication will be sought. If 20 days after the publication there is no response by the "Respondent", Professional Assistance Paralegal Service will proceed to advise courts of a "Default Divorce".
  8. When filing for divorce, a Process Server can be utilized in serving the Respondent and a "Proof of Service" will be filed with the courthouse. This does incur an extra cost but is useful for advising the courts of an unresponsive spouse, hence an awardance of a "Default Divorce"
  9. After signed and notarized documents have been received at the courthouse, Professional Assistance Paralegal Service and "Petitioner" will be advised of a date of hearing.
  10. The Petitioner will be required to attend the hearing to be awarded the "Final Dissolution of Marriage"
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